Clam Bigtooth Zero Wire Rig

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Stainless steel, nylon-coated black wire for the ultimate anti-tooth insurance. Blades near the trebles. Beads on the swivels. This is the best quick-strike rig ever created.


  • Cutting Edge Technology Quick-Strike Rig For Large Predators
  • Presents Bait In A Natural Cradling Position
  • 45lb Stainless Steele Nylon Coated
  • Ultimate In Zero Tolerance Hook-Ups - Helps Eliminate Lost Fish Via Dangling Treble Catching On Bottom Of Ice Hole
  • Highest Quality Components - Blood Red 3X Strong Trebles, Dependable Hand Crimped Construction, Attractor Beads & Blades
  • Best When Used Below A Tip-Up, Bobber Or Rattle Reel
  • Available in three sizes: 4, 2, and 1/0
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