Daiwa The Tackle Barn Tackle Bag

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The new Tackle Barn. Featuring a double-sided design with gullwing like doors on the top, the Tackle Barn is designed to hold up to eight 370 Daiwa tackle boxes and four 360 tackle boxes.

It comes with four Daiwa 370 boxes and four 360 boxes to get things started in terms of construction, the Tackle Barn features a unique barn style design that makes retrieving tackle boxes from the interior simple and easy. The side covers are easy to open thanks to a resilient hook and loop attachment.

It also features #8 and #10 nylon zippers for a long, rust-proof life and reinforced, waterproof bottom to match the wet conditions on boats and the bank. The Tackle Barn, while capable of holding all the tackle one might need on an outing, is also not too large, making it easy to stow underneath a boat's steering console. Lastly, the Tackle Barn also features a retractable leader spool wheel, drink holder, and side pouches for any other necessities, including a sunglasses holder.    


  • Spool Holder
  • Velcro Can Holder
  • Sun Glass Holder
  • Plier Holder
  • Carry Handles
  • Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Leader Wheel
  • Re-Enforced Bottom
  • 4x Daiwa 360 Boxes
  • 4x 370 Boxes
  • Double Sided Design
  • Integrated rain cover

| Don- Staff

This bag has so much storage and the integrated rain cover has been such a big help on rainy days. Nothing is worse than coming home and having to dry all of the boxes and tackle, or forgetting about it and finding rusted gear on the next trip. Plus, there's spots for my sunglasses, pliers, braid cutters, and leader material, so nothing gets lots. This is an excellent choice for co-anglers or anyone who fishes out of the back of their buddy's boat on a regular basis. Carry all the gear you need all in one place.

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