Flambeau Heritage 5007 Tackle Backpack

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Product Dimensions: 19" L x 11.5" W x 10" D

Storage Capacity: Holds up to six 5007 Flambeau Utility Boxes with Zerust Dividers

  • Includes: (3) 5007 Flambeau Utility Boxes with Zerust Dividers
  • (2) Internal fold out saddle bag style zippered storage
  • (6) External zipper pockets
  • (2) External mesh pockets
  • Padded carry straps
  • Side pocket line spool feed
  • External velcro plier holster
  • Double G-Hook closure

Key Features:The HERITAGE SERIES line has the classic, throwback look that your grandparents would remember but also has a modern day twist to it. It includes zipperless technology with G hooks, FLAMBEAU?S ZERUST TRAY TECHNOLOGY, and is also designed with an innovative saddle bag feature. Gear up now with the FLAMBEAU HERITAGE SERIES TACKLE BACKPACK.

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