Striker Ice Climate Glove

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300D shell and synthetic palm construction make for easy on/off, easy stow, and forgiving materials that both wear well, and keep the elements out.  You’ll be stuffing them in your portable one minute and slapping them on to grab a tip-up the next, all the while being prepared for a full plunge in ice-water should your buddy need help with a fish.  The Climates are the most versatile ice glove on the market, with technology that rivals the most advanced.


  • 300D Shell Material on Back of Hand and Gauntlet
  • Synthetic Palm Material
  • 150g/200g of Thinsulate Insulation
  • Hipora® Waterproof/Breathable Insert
  • Adjustable Wrist and Gauntlet Closures
  • Immersion Proof
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