13 Fishing Troll Hunter Crankbait

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You know how every angler wants that super specific depth and profile and each one is extremely different? Well, this series has all of them. Every single one. That's why these bad boys come rigged in a broad array of options. Added bonus, the VMC black nickel chemically sharpened hooks make this bait supremely retentive.

  • Weight Transfer System for Increase Casting Distance
  • Multi-Rattle
  • VMC Premium Hybrid Black Nickel Hooks
  • High Definition Paint Finishes
  • 3D Eyes
| Don- Staff

This crankbait has risen to my #2 go-to crankbait. I find these cast better than some others because of the weight transfer system. They rarely tumble in the air and this helps bomb out longer casts. The Green Gizzard Shad is killer in clear water. Olive Shad and Natty Light are also good ones in lakes with a shad dominant forage base. If you're fishing crankbaits properly, you're going to lose a few and these are priced affordably.

5 stars based on 1 reviews