Chocklett's Foam Skin

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Blane Chocklett’s foam skin is a foam-backed version of his ever so popular Sili skin.  The result is a very realistic-looking skin that can be fashioned into many elements of many different flies.  It has a very lifelike sheen and has many different color options so you can perfectly match the prey you’re trying to imitate.  The foam element gives it buoyant properties so you can fish flies higher in the water column.  This allows you to turn the already-very-effective gummy minnow pattern into a floating gummy minnow for when fish are feeding on the surface.  The skin is designed like tape with a sticky side and a non-sticky foil side. Use your scissors to cut into the shape you want and then simply apply it to your fly.  There are endless options for creativity with this material, there’s really no wrong way to use it. It comes with two 2x6” strips per package.

Comparison: Very similar to Sili Skin, however, it is less stretchy.  This is due to the foam element of the material.  Use this material on flies that could be made with Sili skin, but that you want to have more buoyant properties.

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