Clam Fish Trap Runner Kits

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Protect the bottom of your sled and increase the life of the shelter tub! These runners are designed to increase the life of the sled by protecting the bottom from the rigors of pulling it across the ice with an ATV or snowmobile. They also reduce friction and drag, providing a smooth pull for anglers that drag shelters out on foot!

  • Easy to install
  • Increases life of the tub and shelter
  • Reduced drag on the ice
  • Available for all Clam Fish Trap models
  • Scout/Scout XT/Nanook/Nanook XL/Nanook XT/Legend/Legend XT/Pro/Guide - 2 Runners
  • Yukon/Yukon XL/Yukon XT/Voyager/Voyager X/Voyager XT/JM Thermal X/JM Thermal XT/Portage - 2 Runners
  • Kenai/Kenai Pro/Kenai XT/Warrior/X1/Scout XL/Scout XT/Legend XL/Legend XT -5 Runners
  • Nanook XL/Nanook XT - 3 runners
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