Clam Maki Plastics Wammi

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The Women Anglers of Minnesota worked with Clam to develop the Wammi to imitate freshwater shrimp. This plastic can also be cut and rigged in half to imitate a Mayfly underwater. As with all Maki plastics, the Wammi is injected with the super-secret Maki juice that, along with the irresistible action, will entice fish this winter.


  • Adjustable bait imitates freshwater Shrimp/Mayfly
  • Thread it or nip it for freshwater Shrimp Imitation
  • Rig it full sized or half sized curled on hook for Mayfly Imitation
  • 8 pieces per bag
  • Super soft hand poured bait
  • Irresistible action
  • Injected with “Maki Juice”
  • Available in eight colors
  • 1 ¼” Size
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