Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel

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The Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel brings a breakthrough toward perfection in this Daiwa reel series. These freshwater/saltwater models feel like an extension of your body. The Exist G LT (Light Tough) reels feature Tough Digigear – a digitally designed, machine-cut gearing system  – with larger diameters and teeth than its Digigear predecessor for precision, rotational smoothness, and strength. A Magnesium Monocoque (MQ) Frame screwless design combined with a MagSealed Frame and Line Roller bearing improves the reel's strength and water resistance for protection, performance, and longevity. Sensitivity and rotational balance come from the firm, lightweight AirDrive Rotor, and the line slides freely along the AirDrive Bail for trouble-free line control.


This Daiwa Exist LT spinning reel has other performance features enhancing your ability to reach and reel in fish. ABS Long Cast Spool Technology can increase your casting distance. After you finally hook that monster fish you always knew was there, the Advanced Tournament Drag System on the Daiwa Exist 2022 works immediately and smoothly right from the initial hookup. Daiwa's corrosion-resistant ball bearings are specially treated stainless steel; a protective shield on the bearing race seals out foreign bodies like sand, fine grit, and salt crystals. Don't let the sleek design and minimalist engineering fool you. The 2022 Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel is among the most advanced, technology-packed spinning reels you can find.


  • Monocoque Body –  a rigid one-piece body improves the strength of the reel and accesses a larger diameter engine plate. The extra space allows for a larger diameter drive gear in a smaller size reel
  • MagSealed – prevents water intrusion within the body, rotation areas, and areas exposed to water frequently equipped with MagSealed Ball Bearing technology for durability and water resistance.
  • Tough Digigear – a digitally designed, machine-cut gearing system that ensures ultimate gear precision, rotational smoothness, and strength.
  • AirDrive Design – A lighter rotor unit and spool (even the drive bail is lighter) translate to effortless rotation. Smooth and quiet still provides torque and power from a drive shaft which reduces resistance for friction-free rotation
  • ATD Type-L Drag technology – improves the initial drag system response by lowering the peak drag max upon hook setting for more control of the drag without causing more stress to the fish during the fight
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