Eastern Wildlife Coloring Book by Linda Lou Steiner

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Be artistically creative and learn about eastern wildlife as you have fun coloring the drawings and reading about the animals pictured in The Eastern Wildlife Coloring Book. They range from deer and black bear to fox and fish, and from butterflies and birds to snakes and amphibians. The text gives hints on how to correctly color the animals, describes their lives and where they live. "Wildlife Extras" accompany many of the 30 featured animals' descriptions. These are drawings and tidbits of information about other wildlife that is related to the feature animal or live in the same habitat. The book is really "two books in one," as younger children will have fun coloring the pictures, while older children can read and enjoy the educational text,s well. The author, Linda Lou Steiner, is an award-winning Pennsylvania outdoor writer, artist and photographer.

64 pages

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