Evergreen Custom Jerkbait FA-115

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 As a tournament fisherman, Shimizu says he only uses tools he is confident will bring about absolute results. Regardless of season or field, this jerkbait has all the features — body shape, lip structure, action, distance, ability to go deep and much more — of an ultimate search bait that works with efficiency under any condition. Its significant vibrations move the water dynamically to attract fish near and far, then with an irregular dart, induces a strike in a lure-in-and-trigger-a-bite action that Shimizu favors. The jerkbait boasts complete mastery when it comes to searching a wide area.

Type Suspending
Depth 3-7ft
Length 4 1/2in (115mm)
Weight 5/8oz (18.6g)
Hook size Front:#5 Center:#5 Rear:#5
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