Flymen Fishing Company Fly Tying Kit: Double Barrel Baitfish Popper

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This universal, highly effective popper imitates a typical baitfish being pursued (and eaten) by your favorite predatory gamefish such as striped bass, redfish, GT's, false albacore, pike, peacock bass, small & largemouth bass. Tied with the award-winning Surface Seducer® Baitfish Head™ and ultra-realistic Fish-Skull® Living Eyes™ which act as an important trigger for gamefish.

Quick and easy for beginners to tie, the DB Baitfish Popper is a simple and effective popper that often produces when nothing else does!

This Fly Tying Kit contains everything you need to tie 6 Double Barrel Baitfish Popper flies, including step-by-step tying instructions, to make it easy for you to get your hands on the various needed fly tying materials all in one place.

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