Glow Beadz

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One of the most requested products since the beginning is “glow in the dark” beads in a range in colors and sizes. The challenge though, was to make them glow for hours not minutes. With a two minute charge (of sunlight, a flashlight,etc…) they will glow for up to 8 hours.

With ever increasing population pressuring our local waters during daylight hours, there is an emerging night fishery (where legal). From coast to coast, one of the most effective products is GlowBeadz™.

So whether you like to fish in the daylight or night time, Salmon, Rainbows Steelhead, Browns, Walleye and Bass fishing can make for an exciting time.

Even when eggs are not the fish’s primary target, you can peg a bead ahead of a lure or streamer as an added attractant. The light given off by the bead creates an enticing natural flash.

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