Joe's Flies Multi-Pack

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Plan to catch your limit of  trout, pan-fish or bass.These spinner flies feature inline spinner rig with a #3.5 blade and an large hand-tied fly. The secret is very simply that these lures retreive at slowest speed of any lures available. This can offer at times twice the amount of time the fish can make up his mind. DO NOT fish this lure too fast...pull it slowly and vary the retreive speed. Let the majik of this lure  happen. 

  • Includes 4 each  1/4 oz. Premium Varying Spinner-flies
  • Perfect for light tackle rigs
  • Proven for trout, pan-fish and bass
  • Inline spinner harness with large fly
  • Size 3.5 Colorado blades gold, nickel, or painted

Please Note that the packaging, pattern and color of flies & spinners (blade finish gold or nickel) in your pack may vary from those pictured. The weights might also be mixed depending the parts we have on hand to complete your order.

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