Kenders Tungsten T- Rip Mini Vibe Bait

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Kenders T-Rip was designed for balance and density. With its 97% Solid Tungsten Core, these little rip baits pack a punch for their size. Also built into the T-Rip is a sound chamber for that next level attraction. Realistic micro surface textures fill out the exterior body to enhance its appearance and effectiveness.

Available in 2 sizes!

1/2" - #16 Treble Hook (Approx 1/32 oz)
3/4" - #14 Treble Hook (Approx 3/32 oz)

Target schools of Crappies, big Bull Bluegills, or pound the bottom for Jumbo Perch. T-Rips are super versatile and are also a great search bait. 

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