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Tying the Simple Sculpin

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  • By Ryan Rachiele
  • Posted in fly tying
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Tying the Simple Sculpin

Sculpins are a major food source for trout and smallmouth. This is a must have pattern for your fly box!

Tying the Simple Sculpin

Material List:

Ahrex TP650 Streamer Hook - Order Here 

Flymen Fly Fishing Sculpin Helmet - Order Here 

Hareline Cross-cut Rabbit Strips - Order Here

Hareline Black-Barred Rabbit Strips - Order Here 

Hareline Polar Chenille - Order Here 

Color Recommendations: Olive, Brown, and Black

Size Recommendations: Size 1 and 2



Step 1: Once you have you hook securely in your vise, start your thread wraps at the bend by the eye of the hook. Wrap your thread all the way to about the hook point.

Step 1 tying Simple Sculpin


Step 2: Tie in the polar chenille down to where the hook starts to bend.

Step 2 tying Simple Sculpin


Step 3: Wrap the polar chenille ¾ up the shank of the hook and tie off.

Step 3 tying Simple Sculpin

Step 4: Pierce a rabbit strip with the hook point

Step 4 tying Simple Sculpin

Step 5: Tie in rabbit strip where you tied off the polar chenille.

Step 5 tying Simple Sculpin

Step 6: Make a dubbing loop with olive rabbit hair.

Step 6 tying Simple Sculpin

Step 7: Wrap your dubbing loop the shank. Once that’s tied off, create a ball of thread. This helps keep the helmet secure.

Step 7 tying Simple Sculpin

Step 8: Cover that ball of thread with super glue. Slide the helmet on.

Step 8 tying Simple Sculpin

Step 9: Reattach your thread and built a thread dam. This thread dam will prevent the helmet from ever popping off.

Step 9 tying Simple Sculpin

Step 10: Once you have built the dam, cut of your thread and cover it with uv resin.

Step 10 tying Simple Sculpin


Step 11: Glue in the eyes. Now you’re all finished up with one of the simplest ways to imitate a sculpin!

Step 11 tying Simple Sculpin









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